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ScanSnap Scanners And Chess

I am not a chess player myself. My then-girlfriend-now-wife tried to teach me once, and it ended up with me storming out of the café. We decided it’s better for our relationship if I stick to FIFA. I recently came across this video that shows a cool project by the Pandatabase to put chess games […]

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64 ScanSnap On Yosemite – Your Experience?

So OS X 10.10, called Yosemite, is out. Whenever a new release of an operating system (Mac or Windows) is released, there is always that nervous period where you try to figure out if there are any glitches with the software and hardware that you are currently using. I will probably be installing Yosemite this […]

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74 ScanSnap Receipt – Initial Overview

I mentioned in my recent ScanSnap iX100 Review that while the scanner is good, what made me fall out of my chair was the under-the-radar inclusion of a new software feature called ScanSnap Receipt. This is something that ScanSnap users have requested for a long time – the ability to scan a receipt and have […]

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