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How to Archive Financial Documents while Saving Space and Time

This is a guest post from Craig Hollingum from Micro Com Systems, a Vancouver-based document imaging company. I was interested in hearing from him because I find the whole scanning outsourcing business fascinating. If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t enjoy such bureaucratic processes as filing and archiving financial documents. The problem is […]

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Paperless Article On The BBC

I recently had the pleasure of talking to reporter Ian Hardy from the BBC (!) about going paperless, and to my surprise my ramblings made it into the article: Clear your desk and go anywhere (almost) paperless. The article has some good advice for going paperless, including some ideas that I had I had never […]

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1 Brooks On The Mike Techniques

I didn’t plan it this way, but it looks like this week is my appear-on-podcasts week. Yesterday I appeared on the Productive Life Show, and today I had the pleasure of appearing on the Mike Techniques podcast. If you’re not familiar with Mike Techniques, it is the “other podcast” by Mike Vardy and Mike Schechter […]

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2 The Productive Life Show

Being a big podcast fan, I was very happy to hear about this new show by Daniel Gold and Andy Traub called the Productive Life Show. The podcast is about all the things that I am a big fan of such as Evernote, GTD, and other productivity topics. You can subscribe in iTunes here. The […]

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300 Boxes And Aquaponics

Old-school DocumentSnap readers will remember way back in 2010 I wrote a newsletter and a blog post about Meg Stout’s 300 Boxes project. 300 Boxes was not just a clever name for a site. She actually did have 300 boxes worth of stuff, and her blog detailed her ongoing quest to deal with it all. […]

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3 The Paperless Bathroom

Writing a blog such as this one, it probably will not surprise you to learn that I keep an eye on the term "paperless" on Twitter. I find a lot of great links and resources this way, but there is one thing that I see every single day. People making this joke: A paperless office […]

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7 On The Term Paperless

This might seem like a strange thing to say, but I am not a fan of the word “paperless”. It creates an unrealistic expectation, and even worse it creates a false binary state. You either want to get rid of 100% of paper (“Go paperless!”) or you only like and feel comfortable using paper (“You’ll […]

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The Front Nine By Mike Vardy

“This book is for anyone who is tired of watching their resolutions go by the wayside year after year.” – Mike Vardy So, it is the New Year. 2013. Time for all of us (myself included) to make those life changes or start those new projects. Back in July of 2012, I took a 9 […]

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