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Should You Send Sensitive Documents By E-Mail?

So you need to send someone a PDF, but it contains information that you consider private. Should you hit that “Attach” button in your e-mail client? In my opinion, it is not a wise move. Awesome DocumentSnap reader and bookkeeper extraordinaire Laura Kenway asked me a question on this very topic, and it has turned […]

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1 Best Practices For Expense Reporting

This is a guest post from Michael Hourigan at Shoeboxed. The key to effortless expense reporting lies in implementing a few crucial best practices that will allow you to seamlessly track your expenses while you’re on the go. Know What’s Expected Get clear on what’s expected from you in terms of your reporting. How detailed […]

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3 Which Personality Type Are You?

Readers of the DocumentSnap newsletter will know that I have just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Portland for the World Domination Summit. As usual, the event was great and it was fantastic to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. All of the speakers were great, but I was very struck by […]

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The Yes And No Question

One of the more challenging aspects of going paperless is that it seems like you are constantly having to make decisions: which hardware to use? Which software to use? Local or cloud? How do you keep everything safe? To make matters worse, every document that you have represents two decisions: Do you scan it or […]

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Can A Company Go Totally Paperless?

When I do talks about going paperless, I often tell the audience that it isn’t realistic to go totally paperless. It’s one reason that I’m not a big fan of the word paperless itself. It turns out that a digital agency called Idea Rebel has proved me wrong, and to make matters worse it is […]

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4 Ikea Instruction Manuals

I don’t know if it is because I am ¼ Swedish or what, but I tend to spend a ridiculous amount of money at Ikea. I know it is cool to hate on the store, but I like it. Anyone who has purchased items at Ikea will be familiar with the included paper instruction manuals. […]

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14 The Paperless Grocery List

Going paperless is about the little wins, and one area where I’ve been really successful is with with our family grocery list. Not only have I eliminated the paper, but (for us), the paperless grocery list works much better. Here are some ways that you can accomplish this. A Shared Low(ish) Tech Solution My friend […]

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