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4 Receipts

Should You Keep Your Tax Receipts?

So you’ve scanned your receipts, organized the PDFs, and made sure everything is backed up. Is it safe to shred the paper? The first thing you should do in answering this question is to consult a tax professional in your jurisdiction. Every tax jurisdiction has its own rules, and you want to make sure that […]

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Photos Video Field Guide

My recent post about family photo scanning was great timing, because David Sparks (creator of many awesome Field Guides – I’m a big fan) has created a new Video screencast called the Photos Video Field Guide. It covers the new Apple Photos application and syncing your photos between your Apple Devices using iCloud Photo Storage. […]

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Reader Story: Reading Paperless Books

There’s an active Facebook group called Embracing a Paper-free Lifestyle (I should contribute there more), and a post by awesome DocumentSnap reader David Whitehead that intrigued me: A consequence of avoiding paper – when I moved to Switzerland I had 3,793 books (I had to have an audit list). Used Kindle for many years and […]

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Paperless Document Organization Guide Second Edition

Based on the emails I receive and your answers to my annual survey, DocumentSnap readers like you are interested in going paperless but are unsure about the following three things: How do you organize your paperless documents once you’ve scanned them? Once you’ve filed your electronic documents away, how do you find them again? How […]

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1 A Plan For Organizing Your Computer

So apparently January is “Clean Your Computer Month”. I don’t know about that, but the new year is as good of a time as any to get your digital files sorted out. I don’t normally share this sort of thing, but the folks at SingleHop sent me their “Clean Computer Calendar” which is a 3 […]

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