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Real Estate

Going Paperless In Real Estate Management

It’s becoming better, but anyone who has dealt with property knows that there can be a ton of paper involved. Going paperless in real estate involves two broad issues: the paper coming in and then what you do with the paper once you have it. An awesome DocumentSnap reader, who chooses to remain anonymous, agreed […]

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3 Shredded Paper

Going Paperless In 5 Easy(ish) Steps

I’ve written a lot about going paperless on the DocumentSnap blog over the years, but sometimes it can be helpful to go back to basics. That’s what I aim to do in this article. Making A Going Paperless Plan What you don’t want to do is just go to your office supply store, buy a […]

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An Apple Pencil Review Drawn With An Apple Pencil

I’ve coveted the Apple Pencil from afar ever since it was announced. It seems like it would be a great solution for paperless note-taking. Now I’m even more convinced after reading Serenity Caldwell’s[1] awesome and unique Apple Pencil review hand-drawn with an Apple Pencil. The writing and drawing parts are really helpful. Even if you […]

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