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Macdrifter On iPad PDF Reading

I’ll admit it, I used to be a printer. Or to put it more accurately, I used to not be a screen-reader. If there was any document of non-trivial length that I needed to read, I’d print it out. That all changed once I bought my iPad. Now, I actually prefer to read anything on […]

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1 Print To PDF On iOS With Printopia

As I mentioned in my MacSparky home screen interview, I have had an elusive quest to be able to save e-mails to PDF on the iPhone or iPad. I was almost there with Save2PDF, but iOS5 killed that. So far, I have settled on a workflow using an app called Printopia that works very well. […]

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I’ve Been MacSparky’d

I am typing this post using an app called Byword. It originated in an app called NVAlt. It is being written using a syntax called Markdown. Right before writing this, I very quickly saved a PDF with two keypresses. What do all of these have in common? The workflows (and many, many more) were all […]

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Stop Junk Mail With Your Smartphone

When you are starting to go paperless, one of the best things that you can do is eliminate the paper coming into your life in the first place. A tweet from Twitter user @chicken_scratch pointed me to this smartphone app PaperKarma. Apparently you can use it to take a picture of a piece of mail, […]

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2 Genius Scan Is Coming To Android

Document scanning apps for smartphones are becoming better and better. One great one that I have written about a few times is Genius Scan. It has been one of my favorite iOS scanning apps for quite some time. The great folks at The Grizzly Labs (makers of the app) wrote to let me know that […]

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