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Scannable Business Card Scanning

When Evernote first released Scannable, their standalone scanning app for iOS, I have to admit I didn’t get it. After all, their iOS (and Android for that matter) apps do a good job of scanning documents and business cards. Why create a totally separate app? I still don’t know the answer to that question, but […]

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Prizmo Is The iOS OCR App Champ

Recently I did an issue of the DocumentSnap Newsletter where I talked about scanning apps that perform OCR. In other words, an app that gives you the ability to take a picture of a document and make a searchable PDF right on your device. Afterwards, awesome DocumentSnap reader Chip Shanley made the case for Prizmo, […]

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Easily Save Web Pages To Evernote On iPhone Or iPad In iOS8

Saving web pages to Evernote on an iPhone or iPad has historically involved annoying workarounds like third party apps or hacked up bookmarklets. When iOS8 was announced, one of my big hopes was that the new extensions feature would make it easier to save content to Evernote, and I’m happy to say that is has. […]

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Smart File Naming With Scanbot Mobile Capture

I am a big believer in having naming conventions for your files. Usually you need to capture a document and then rename it later, but it is always nice when you can have your file named as much as possible at the point of scanning. It saves work later. Scanbot is a popular scanning app […]

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Dispatch Mail App Adds Great PDF Export Feature

There is nothing inherently wrong with the email app built into iOS, but for quickly processing message there are a number of third-party email clients that make it faster and easier. I had tried most of them, but Mike Vardy tried to talk me into switching to Dispatch. I refused, not because it didn’t look […]

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Evernote Post-It Notes – Crazy Like A Fox?

I have to admit that when Evernote announced their partnership with 3M and released Evernote-branded Post-It notes, I thought it was more than a little goofy. Post-It notes? Really? I am not a sticky note person myself, but I know many people are. What is so wrong with normal Post-It notes that there needs to […]

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Scanbot Is One Fast Mobile Scanning App

The other day I was on the radio up here in Canada sharing my tips for the best apps of the week. One of my choices was a new scanning app for iOS and Android called Scanbot. “Another mobile scanning app?” you might say. Yes, another scanning app, but this one has taken a bit […]

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Genius Fax 2.0 Can Now Receive Faxes

On the rare occasion that I need to send a fax, more often than not I use the Genius Fax app which I have written about in the past. Just two weeks ago I needed to sign and fax something, and I did it all from my iPad. The makers of Genius Fax have just […]

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Readdle’s Web Of Interconnected Apps

On my trip to Macworld/iWorld 2014, one my first stops was the Readdle booth. My goal was to get an answer to a question that has been on my mind for a while: what is the difference between the free Documents 5 and the paid PDF Expert 5? What is the deal with having two […]

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How To Rename PDFs in iBooks for iPad

iBooks is an app from Apple that allows you to read books, but it also makes a fairly decent PDF reader. An awesome DocumentSnap reader asked if it is possible to rename PDFs stored in iBooks and it turns out – it is! It is just not exactly obvious how to do it. View the […]

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