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Have Hazel Help With Your Document Destruction Policy

Do you keep your electronic documents forever? Or do you delete them when they’re no longer needed? Awesome DocumentSnap reader Bill from Minneapolis asked me this interesting question, and I couldn’t resist digging into it: [How do you] clean out your paperless files when the information is no longer needed? I have been using TextExpander […]

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Solving The Paperless Puzzle

A while ago, Steve Dotto and I did a webinar called Going Paperless With Evernote (you can watch that here). It was so well received, people have been asking us ever since to do another one. Well, Steve has finally talked me into it. We’re getting the band back together and doing another webinar called […]

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Beyond Productivity Workshop

Mike Vardy from Productivityist is doing a live workshop called Beyond Productivity. If you’re local in Victoria you can attend in person, but it will be streamed live via a Virtual Ticket (which you can watch later if you aren’t able to make it live). Full Disclosure: I just returned from spending the long weekend […]

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Scannable Business Card Scanning

When Evernote first released Scannable, their standalone scanning app for iOS, I have to admit I didn’t get it. After all, their iOS (and Android for that matter) apps do a good job of scanning documents and business cards. Why create a totally separate app? I still don’t know the answer to that question, but […]

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Photos Video Field Guide

My recent post about family photo scanning was great timing, because David Sparks (creator of many awesome Field Guides – I’m a big fan) has created a new Video screencast called the Photos Video Field Guide. It covers the new Apple Photos application and syncing your photos between your Apple Devices using iCloud Photo Storage. […]

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Reader Story: Reading Paperless Books

There’s an active Facebook group called Embracing a Paper-free Lifestyle (I should contribute there more), and a post by awesome DocumentSnap reader David Whitehead that intrigued me: A consequence of avoiding paper – when I moved to Switzerland I had 3,793 books (I had to have an audit list). Used Kindle for many years and […]

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Mac Power Users on DEVONthink

One of my oldest son’s many soccer practices lasts for two hours, and the field is surrounded by a track. During his training, I’ve started walking around the track so that I can pretend I’m doing something athletic while everyone around me is playing soccer or doing sprints. This is a perfect time to get […]

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Reader Story: Family Photo Scanning

I am asked quite a bit about photo scanning, but it is not an area that I have a lot of experience in. Fortunately awesome DocumentSnap reader Melissa Cave from Quotesting, who I met when I was speaking at SimpleREV, agreed to write about her recent photo scanning project. Take it away, Melissa! One of […]

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New Evernote Pricing Plans

Yesterday Evernote announced big changes to the way their pricing plans work, including some things that might impact you if you use Evernote to go paperless. New Evernote Pricing Plans The free plan is called Evernote Basic. Maximum uploads stay the same (60 MB), and most other things stay the same with a few big […]

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Scan Business Cards To Outlook

How do you take the business cards you receive and scan the contacts to Outlook? Here’s one way to do it on Windows using the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner and its included business card scanning application, CardMinder. I find it faster to start up CardMinder first. Then when you scan business cards, they’ll go right in. […]

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