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12 Days Of Paperless Gifts: Desktop Document Scanners

This is Day 1 in a 12 Post series: 12 Days Of Paperless Gifts. If you know someone who could use some help going paperless, or if you’d like to drop some hints, this series is for you. Don’t worry, the regular DocumentSnap tips will still be flowing. My family isn’t big on traditions around […]

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Evernote OneNote Comparison

One of the great debates of our time is not Sammy vs. David in Van Halen or Ozzy vs. Dio in Black Sabbath. It is Evernote vs. OneNote. There are fans on both sides of the debate, and both are sure they have the best solution. I personally don’t believe in “best” applications. I think […]

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Doxie 2.7 Workflow Improvements

Of all the scanner manufacturers, the one that pays the most attention to software UI (in my opinion) is the folks at Doxie. One thing I appreciate about them is they are always trying to improve the way the product works, even when they don’t have a new scanner model to release. Case in point […]

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Synology DS-214

Macdrifter On Synology Backup

I have been coveting a Synology NAS from afar for quite some time, but have not yet pulled the trigger on buying one. One thing I have wondered about is backups – I put all these important files on there, but how do I make sure I don’t lose them? Gabe over at Macdrifter has […]

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How To Disable News Articles Appearing In Evernote (aka Evernote Context)

I am sure there are some people that enjoy having news articles from the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Pando Daily and the like show up in their Evernote search results and notes. I am willing to bet that many DocumentSnap readers are not those people. Here is how to disable this “useful, relevant content that […]

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The Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide Fourth Edition

Back in 2008, I bought my first Fujitsu ScanSnap which at the time was the S300M. There were bits and pieces online about how to most efficiently use the ScanSnap, but nothing that tied everything together. It wasn’t that I wanted to know what each screen, button, and option did – there is a manual […]

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Paperless Classroom Tools

I don’t know how, but it seems like 75% of the kids on my son’s soccer team have parents that are teachers. Because of this, and because I am terrible at small talk otherwise, I have become more interested in paperless classroom topics. I just came across this list by DailyGenius: The 8 Essential Tools […]

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Create Evernote Note With Date From A PDF Using Hazel

After watching my Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar, awesome DocumentSnap reader Kyle Lines had a question: is it possible to use Hazel to grab a date from a PDF, create a note in Evernote, and use that date as the note’s creation date? He had an AppleScript most of the way there, but it wasn’t […]

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Create a GTD Tickler in Evernote

I know many DocumentSnap readers, myself included, use some variant of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system to keep on top of the things. One component of that system is to create a tickler file, which is a way to be reminded to take action on documents on their relevant dates. The book describes a […]

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Reader Story: Controlling Data and Designing A Paperless Workflow

This post is part of the paperless stories feature at DocumentSnap. Some stories are from readers that have successfully gone paperless, some are still going through it. Would you like to share your story too? Today’s featured DocumentSnap reader is Maryon Jeane from Shropshire. She can be found on Twitter at @MaryonJeane. What problems were […]

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